Let Your Yes Be Yes

Pure gold is not just clean gold. It’s 100% gold. Gold through and through. God’s people should be the same all the way through.

We can’t split our lives into parts where God is involved in some but not in others. As we walk in faith, we need to understand that God is in every part of our lives. There shouldn’t be a difference between how we talk in church and how we talk at work or anywhere else. Our behavior shouldn’t change from church to the business world either.

God is everywhere, in everything we do. We don’t need to invite Him into some areas of our lives and keep Him out of others. He’s already there, hearing all our words and seeing all our actions. There’s no way to talk or act that hides anything from God.

When we realize this, it pushes us to live honestly and consistently. If we remember that every promise we make is in front of God, we’ll treat each one as important. Whether it’s a business deal, a promise to a friend, or a vow in church, it’s all before God. This understanding should lead us to keep our promises and act with honesty and integrity.

Seeing life this way encourages us to weave our faith into everything we do daily. Our work, our relationships, and how we act should all show our commitment to God. By doing this, we honor God in all parts of our lives and show His presence to others. Jesus said, “Let what you say be simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything more than this comes from evil.”
(Matthew 5:37)

Let’s stop separating our lives into “sacred” and “secular.” Let’s make our lives a smooth flow of faith, recognizing God in every word, action, and promise. By doing this, we live out a powerful truth: God is always with us, in everything we do.

Questions for Family/Small Group Discussion

•In what ways can you ensure that your promises and commitments reflect God’s truthfulness?
•What role does transparency and openness play in fostering a truthful community? How can you contribute to this in your own relationships?
•How can we guard against the subtle ways we might deceive others, even unintentionally?
•How can living openly and with integrity impact your witness to non-believers?
•How does recognizing that all our words are spoken in the presence of God influence your daily communication?
•How does speaking the truth in love, as described in Ephesians 4:15, challenge you in your interactions with others? How can you grow in this area?

--Pastor Chris