Mission & Vision

Go therefore and make disciples...

Mission Statement

  • We will depend on God rather than ourselves by prayer, and yielding ourselves to Christ for the progress of the ministry (John 15: 1-11).
  • We will design and carry out a constant flow of ministries from the life of our church family in order to spread the good news of Jesus Christ, training and mobilizing the saints in this endeavor.
  • We will demonstrate love for our area and for the entire world, doing and supporting missions in the tradition of Jesus' compassion for ALL people.
  • We will build up one another by expounding and applying the Word of God, by expressing encouragement and demonstrative care, by fellowship together in a shared life, by strategically helping believers mature in the faith, and by stimulating each generation to minister to those who follow them.
  • We will all participate in adoration for God from our whole beings (mind, will, emotion). We will employ a variety of styles and means to encourage all to praise Him through music, testimonies, the arts, and lifestyle because this is why we were created.

Our Purpose

  • The purpose of FBC is to glorify God by depending upon Jesus Christ to use us for propagating the gospel and ministering to the world, building up one another in the faith, and worshiping Him.