Salt and Light

Church family, this past Sunday we continued our journey through the Sermon on the Mount with a focus on Matthew 5:13-16: Salt and Light.

 Salt in ancient times was used to flavor food, acted as a preservative, and was used as a fertilizer. By flavoring food with salt, it intensifies the flavor and creates a greater appetite for the thing you are eating. When salt is used as a preservative it acts to slow down the degradation and decay process that naturally occurs with food. And finally in some cases salt was used as fertilizer, thereby adding elements to the soil which increased the possibility of greater crop yield.

 Light was used to illuminate dark places and provide direction. No one would take a light and hide it under a basket or bowl, because this is against the nature of having light to begin with. Its purpose is to shine, just like a city on a hill, visible for all to see.

 What is Jesus saying in this passage? As salt, these followers of Jesus would live in such a way that would create a greater thirst for what is within themselves, they would prevent the degradation of the world caused by sin, and they would fertilize the situations where present to yield a greater growth of life, peace, and joy. As light, these blessed, happy individuals would show up in a morally dark world to provide the way towards good works. These good works would in turn glorify God.

Jesus expected His followers to be salt and light then, and I believe He expects it now of us. Being this type of person is possible regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves in. Is this you though? Do you create a want for Jesus, a thirst for Him? Do you flavor the environments you are in with goodness, life, peace, or joy? Does your presence lead to greater spiritual growth in the lives of others? When you show up is light there….or just something dark and drab, with no God glorifying goodness at all? There are many dark places friends…will you go and reflect His light there?