When Will You Take It Seriously?

Posted on October 17, 2017 by Steve Willis in Article from The Messenger

If you’ve seen much of the news lately, you are aware of the sexual harassment and assault stories coming out of Hollywood.  One of the film industry’s most powerful producers, Harvey Weinstein, has been accused by several actresses of using his position to obtain sexual favors from them, often against their will.  They were afraid to go public with their accusations, according to them, due to fear that going public against such a powerful figure would ruin their careers.  So they kept silent.

While they kept silent, the abuses continued with woman after woman after woman.  That’s what sexual predators do, they move on to victim after victim.  It was only when a couple of young ladies came forward that many others found the courage to expose his acts as well.  If only one of those ladies would have come out sooner, perhaps it would have saved countless other women from suffering at his hands.  There is currently a #metoo movement that sexual victims are posting online to let the world know just has prevalent sexual abuse and immorality has become.

As I reflect on the outrage we see over this event, I thought to myself, “If every person who has been touched sexually without their consent would post ‘me too’ then my guess is that at least 80% of women would share that status.” As a pastor, I've literally heard a thousand tear-filled reports. Yet when I don't let my daughter go on car dates alone with a guy who is twice her size, people think I'm too strict. There are a million Weinsteins out there, and millions more women (and men) who have stories of pain, but we frankly don't value our children's purity enough to place the boundaries necessary to protect them. I'd like to believe there will be changes, but until we agree it's inappropriate for men to be alone in a room with a woman (other than immediate family) the abuses will continue unabated.

I’ve probably spoken about this issue a couple dozen times.  Maybe more.  I keep wondering how many of our girls have to be raped or abused before families start believing that this can happen to their daughters.  I keep praying that parents of adolescent boys will protect them from hurting a sister in Christ by preventing their sons from being alone with their girlfriends.  Do I have to do magic tricks?  Do I have to parade even more abused girls before our entire congregation before people take the threat seriously?  How many of our own girls (and boys) have to be victims before our members take sexual purity seriously enough to do what needs to be done to protect our kids?  We can’t really expect Hollywood to get it right if the body of Christ doesn’t show the way.

Sorry for the vent.  I’m just wondering Moms and Dads, “What exactly has to happen for you to take this seriously?”  Seriously.  Somebody call me and let me know.