Watching for Excellent Ones

Posted on July 19, 2017 by Andy Honeycutt in Article from The Messenger

As for the saints in the land, they are the excellent ones,
in whom is all my delight. (Psalm 16:3)

Sharon and I just celebrated our wedding anniversary. In honor of the occasion, we pulled out the wedding video and watched it with our children. We had to stop the tape (yes, a VHS tape!) multiple times to explain what-was-what and who-was-who!

This anniversary was more special to us because the date of our wedding matched the day of the week this year. As we stepped through Saturday 2017, it was easy to remember the people who were part of our lives on Saturday 1995. We saw little nieces and nephews who are now young adults. We saw some couples that were married then but are now divorced. We saw that we had more dark hair back then! We saw relatives that are alive in the video but are now gone to be with the Lord.

As we looked at the faces in the video and remembered the special relationships of each, we realized that God gave us life examples. Some of the examples were to imitate and some were to avoid. And over the years, the ones we still admire are the ones that put Jesus Christ first in their individual lives and then, where applicable, in their marriages. They had a desire for doing what pleased the Lord way back then and that has flourished over time.

We all need examples. Pastor Steve talked about how we all need someone in our lives who is further along in Christian maturity. These are the people that we ask spiritual questions and observe how to live a life of faith. These are the examples – these are the “excellent ones” (Psalm 16:3) – we delight in being around because they walk with Jesus and it shows. You can tell that they desire to do what pleases God. Despite good and bad circumstances, their words and deeds display a leadership of the Holy Spirit and a satisfaction in the Lord.

I hope that you have “excellent ones” in your life. We should always look for the saints in the land who delight in staying close to Jesus.