Questions for Discipleship

Posted on August 29, 2017 by Steve Willis in Article from The Messenger

Here are some questions to ask your Barnabas and your Timothy.  Remember to focus on the heart (the root) versus the behaviors (the fruit).  The first set of questions will give you an opportunity to affirm their (hopefully) positive attitudes and behaviors.  The second set drill down on motivations of the heart that can bear some very negative behaviors.  Again, get at the root and ask, “WHY are these attitudes and actions coming from your heart?”

Sometimes people meet every week and ask these questions but at the very least I’d encourage you to meet twice a month.  Any less than that and it’s difficult to keep up with one another.

Since the Last Time We Met…

1.  How has your heart been thankful?

2.  What passages of the Bible have you been reading and how is God using them to speak to your heart?

3.  How have you helped the “least of these” in our community?

4.  How have you honored your parents?

5.  What spiritual discussions have you had with your spouse?  Your children?  What things have you been praying for as a family?

6.  What made you think about the Lord’s return?

7.  How have you served Christ’s bride (your local church)?

8.  What lost people are you praying for?  Has God given you any opportunity to speak blessings into their lives?

9.  What is going on in your life that demands you walk by faith?

10.  Has the devil brought up any past hurts?  How did you refocus your mind on something positive?

11.  In what ways have you been exposed to impure thoughts?  What boundaries have you placed in your life to protect you from this happening in the future?  (Taking care of your spouse’s physical needs?)

12.  How are you eliminating all depreciating debt?  How do your spending habits reflect the heart of Jesus?

13.  Has anyone sinned against you?  How can you make that right before we meet again?

Getting to the Heart of Any Problems

14.  Is there anyone you may have offended?  How can you make that right before we meet again?

15.  What sins have you committed this week and what is going on in your heart to cause them?

16.  Have you told any lies or half-truths?  What was at the heart of that decision?

17.  What might you be chasing that has no eternal value?  Why are you chasing it?

18.  Is there anything else going on in your heart that you would like to share?