Positive People

Posted on October 3, 2017 by Steve Willis in Article from The Messenger

I sat around most of Monday afternoon reflecting on the Las Vegas tragedy. I hear the news saying, "How can this be happening? How can we stop it?"

I'll be honest. I'm surprised it doesn't happen more. You can't attend a football game without someone being negative and divisive. You can't watch a sitcom without someone having to make a point. There's no escaping the constant barrage of negativity.

Our political talk centers on how we can use a ballot box to demand adherence to our personal preferences. Health care has become a debate on how the majority can compel physicians to render services against their will. We can't even have the free exchange of ideas on college campuses without violence.

Every news show just stirs the pot. Every talk show promotes extremism. It seems like most media outlets are in a competition to see who can incite the most anger and fear among their viewers.

And God forbid that the former guardians of peace and civility in our country (i.e. the clergy) try to promote compassion and love for one's neighbor. The only "reverends" who get air time are the ones who politicize tragedy instead of doing what pastors are called to do and that is point our world to the Prince of Peace.

You ask me why God allows such tragedies? I say it's only by the grace of God that we haven't destroyed ourselves already. There's an answer to our problems, but it will come from pulpits, not pundits. Choose wisely where you gather your worldview. The powers that be don't profit from peace.

One of the reasons I am so excited about teaching through the book of Hebrews is that the author focuses on the positive attributes of Christ as opposed to the negativity of 1st century culture.  He spends more time on the good than the bad.  If there’s anything our society needs right now it is more positivity.

Let’s do our best, whenever possible, to be positive people. Show people the joy of Christ instead of the condemnation of the law.  Shalom.