Come and Worship at Christmas

Posted on December 21, 2016 by Steve Willis in Article from The Messenger

I’m excited about this Christmas weekend.  A number of local churches are closing their doors, encouraging their people to enjoy time with their families.  I’m all for family time at Christmas but frankly I can’t think of a better family time/memory than coming to church together on Christmas Eve for a candlelight service and/or celebrating Christmas morning with a worship service.  What a wonderful way to teach our children that Jesus is the reason for the season.

Please don’t feel guilty if you’re out of town or it’s just impossible with extended family to make it on Christmas Eve, but if you can join us, please do.  We’re doing the communion and candlelight ceremony in a way we haven’t done it before.  On Christmas morning, instead of a candlelight service, we will have a few baptisms and a family dedication. It will be quite a memorable service.

As a reminder, the Christmas Eve Candlelight service will begin promptly at 6pm and be completed by 7pm.  The Christmas morning worship service will begin at 11:15am and will follow a similar time format as the night before.

Let me also say that both services will focus on the gospel and love for Christ and family.  It will be an excellent time to bring an unchurched friend or a special guest who hasn’t been in church for a while.  Any and all are welcome.  Come celebrate the Christ child with us!