Choir Reunion Recap

Posted on August 1, 2017 by Steve Willis in Article from The Messenger

What a weekend it was! (And maybe the best part is I got to sit back and just watch it happen!)

In case you were on a different planet, this past weekend our church hosted a 60-year choir reunion featuring Dan Ferguson’s Choir and New Generation Singers throughout the years. We were joined by three of Dan’s successors: Robin Roush, Mark Cook, and Dale Capehart. Each of them contributed years of ministry hours, pouring into our music ministry. Even our own Andy Honeycutt got to lead a powerful rendition of the Hallelujah chorus some 220 choir members strong!

We were joined by a number of musicians from the past, most notably organists Rodney Barbour, Sharon Curnutte and Sandy Folsom. Past associate ministers Michael Campbell, Jim Hardwick and my friend Ken Miller were in the house.

On Saturday night, Barbara Hicks and Jason Oesterreicher led up a volunteer team to serve over 300 of our guests a delicious dinner, not to mention Kim Bailey for connecting us with some free Austin’s Ice Cream for dessert. The Sunday brunch was over the top, and I hope by the time Melissa Wyatt reads this, she will have gotten some well-deserved rest.

In total, we had right around 1000 people in our church facility Sunday morning. Some were there to see old friends, some were there to see Michael W. Smith, but my prayer is that all of them saw King Jesus. I hope they saw our love for the Golden Girls next door. As of the time of this printing, we could still use $5,000 to pay off the rest of that project. If you’re still able to help, please contact the church office.

I don’t know if we’ll have a 70-year reunion, but as I said Sunday morning, for those of us who love the Lord and look forward to His appearing, if we don’t have another reunion on earth, we’ll certainly have a reunion in heaven. Thank you church for being so supportive and for all the people I failed to mention, God writes down names of those who serve in the shadows. When we have that great reunion in the sky, great will be your reward.