October 11

Jeremiah 29:10-13

Christ died in our place, so we can’t be separated from him. He can’t leave us because he can’t leave himself.

Jeremiah’s role, by this point, is to bring God’s Word to the Jews in exile which includes 10,000 of the most capable Jews (including Ezekiel and Daniel). He’s warned them that they’ll be in Babylon for seventy years. As we saw yesterday, the Lord has told them to settle down, seek the welfare of Babylon, and now ... a promise. A promise to not leave them or forget them. If they will seek the welfare of the city they’re in, they will find their own welfare.

Then, he promises that after the seventy years are up, the Jewish people will remember him, they will seek him, and when they call upon his name and pray to him, they will be heard. Things may be bad for now, but God will restore his people to health and punish the nations and people who have exploited them.

Read that last verse again: “... with all your heart” (13). That’s sobering for me. God didn’t want half-hearted obedience. And he doesn’t now. He wants and requires all of us, just as he gave everything for us. “If we are faithless, he remains faithful -- for he cannot deny himself ” (2 Timothy 2:13).

Thank God, today, for his faithfulness. When we’re faithless, like exiles in Babylon, he is still faithful. He took our punishment and shame and made them his own.


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