December 6

Haggai 2:10-19

In the midst of this ruined land, God is about to bring agricultural revival.

God previously prevented his people’s crops from growing because of their sin. Now they’re obeying God and in a position to receive God’s provision. Just as disobedience brought the curse, so their obedience is bringing a blessing. It would be in the form of agriculture.

Is the seed yet in the barn? The rhetorical answer is, “no,” it’s all been used up and there is no sign of any crops producing this year. God had withheld the rains and produce from the land, which now leaves them agriculturally ruined. This year and next year are now dead. Are there areas of your life that seem ruined? In your life, has a drought caused death in any areas? Is there a seemingly hopeless situation that you find yourself in? If so, there’s hope.

God is about to bring a crop to yield in a way that cannot be explained other than God is good and nothing is too difficult for him. In the dead areas of your life, preach to yourself like David did in Psalm 42, “Why are you downcast, O my soul ... Hope in God.” Nothing is too difficult for God, too far that his hand can’t reach, nor any sin too great that his grace isn’t greater than.

God wants you to trust him. Looking at the bare trees they cannot determine if they will yield fruit again. God can, and does. He tells them “from this day on” he’ll bless them and their fields. In our times of drought and despair may we stand on the promises of God. We can trust him as a faithful God that can revive a harvest.

What areas do you need to trust God for a harvest? Apart from him we can do nothing, but with him, all things are possible.


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