October 17

Jeremiah 52

The Bible is the story of God pursuing people who have been running from him and ruining their lives in the process.

Jeremiah is yet another example of God’s people running in the opposite direction.

Jeremiah was a preacher who they still wouldn’t listen to. He probably felt alone most of the time. But if he had tried to quit, he couldn’t. The word of God burned in him, and he had to speak whether or not he wanted to. He was a courageous hero who lived in the final days of a crumbling nation.

Jeremiah’s ministry covered around forty years, and he never once saw a sign of success in his ministry. He didn’t have a popular message - it was one of reform - and the people never listened or obeyed him. He seemed to be called to a ministry of failure, yet he was faithful to God and accomplished what God’s purpose was for him (to witness the decaying nation).

Sometimes we’re called to act and obey with no promise of success. Sometimes we’re called to follow where the Lord calls you even when it’s hard and when there are no guarantees of easy circumstances. Our family has been there. We’ve had long seasons of wondering if the Lord forgot us. Was God ever going clear the path for us? Was he going to show us that the difficulties we were having were worth it?

Don’t be discouraged. Don’t throw in the towel. Find encouragement and grace for today in Jeremiah’s legacy and ministry. Let his courage to swim upstream inspire you to do the same.


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