May 28

2 Kings 6:1-33

A pastor was driving along, on his way to preach at a little country church, when he felt a sudden vibration. A tire had gone flat.

As the 78-year-old servant of God maneuvered his car to a stop, a trucker pulled up behind him. A young man jumped out, assessed the situation, and cheerfully changed the tire. The pastor got to the service in plenty of time, and it was not until later that he realized his car did not even have a jack!

It was a minor problem. He was a retired, faithful minister. It was a tiny congregation. We might think God would be too busy with larger and more important needs than to be concerned about a flat tire, but his promise to provide for the needs of his people covers little things as well as big ones.

2 Kings 6 captures two important stories for us. One has to do with a borrowed axe head and the other with the need to see God at work. How often do we get overwhelmed with the things of life: we fret over elections, we worry about tomorrows, and we get frazzled with the unexpected. When you read, however, about God’s care by miraculously making an iron axe head float or by opening a servant’s eyes so that he could see God’s spiritual protection, we more fully understand that God cares about the small things. He even cares about the things that some people would call insignificant.

Do not miss that fact that God cares about what you face, what you fear, and what you cannot see or understand? Do not see yourself unimportant in the grand scheme of life. Ask God to open your eyes to who he is and what he is doing.


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