December 15

Malachi 3:6-12

Here, God is calling his people to return to him through stewardship - namely their tithes and offerings. They were robbing God by not giving to God what was due him.

Stewardship is the use of your life under the authority of God, and in obedience with Scripture. God owns everything (Psalms 24:1). Therefore, you are not the owner of anything. Stewardship is how you use the things God has entrusted in your care. Don’t believe the lie that you own what you have. From people to possessions, you are merely a steward of them. Not only are you responsible for how you care for and use them, but you are also accountable to God - the true owner. This fact puts a tremendous weight on the way you should steward your life.

Does your parenting reflect you being a good steward of your children? What about your house, friendships, work, finances, schedule, etc.? God’s Word addresses these issues and more (2 Peter 1:3). Spend time today thinking about how you are stewarding your time, talent, and treasure. Is it bringing God honor through obedience to the Bible? If not, heed the call here in Malachi, and return to God through repentance and obedience.

Disobedience in finances to the LORD was another reason God’s people had bad crops. God promised their land would be blessed and a delight if they began giving to the ministry (11). With the temple rebuilt, the stage was set to be a beacon of the gospel to the nations. When God’s people are good stewards with their lives, the nations will take notice (12) and his gospel will be spread throughout the world.


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