February 21

Luke 13:1-5

When 9/11 happened, where were you the next Sunday?

Scores of people ran to the Church for answers, but only weeks later, the pews they filled were once again empty. When the world crumbles, it calls us to repentance, not a short-lived one, but one that lasts for the rest of our lives.

In Luke, some people approached Jesus about the atrocities of Pilate, who killed scores of Jews who had protested his use of temple money to build an aqueduct. The great indignation was that, not only did he murder many Jews, but he did it during Passover, so that literally their blood was mixed with the blood of the sacrifices. Do not misunderstand the response of Jesus. He was not showing unconcern (remember that Jesus weeps over the lostness of Jerusalem in Luke 13:34-35) but he used this situation as a plea for all of us to repent. The key verse is 13:3, “but unless you repent, you will all likewise perish.” The need for repentance is not just for the bad sinners; it is also for the good ones.

As you read through these verses today, where is it in your life that you need to repent? Is there hidden sin, unforgiveness, hateful words, pride, arrogance, or rebellion in your life? Do not be like the ones who ran to the Church for answers, only to go back to the way that they were once the dust settled. Repentance means that we turn from our past and turn to Christ, determining never to go back again.


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