June 28

Job 13-15

Job has taken his share of bad advice and will continue to do so for much of the book.

Some things have been said that are flat out wrong, other things may have been true in principle, but grossly misapplied contextually. Like Job’s friends, we can certainly say the wrong thing at times. Just as damagingly, we can say the right thing in the wrong way.

I don’t really know if the world has gotten markedly worse with the emergence of the information age and the great technological advances of our time. I do know that we have an opportunity to give our opinion on almost anything and everything. Social media provides us with astounding connectivity, but it also creates a world of publishers devoid of editors.

If Job were written today, perhaps an interesting medium for much of the discourse would be the comment thread on a Facebook status. We must be extremely wary of the advice we give others. Is it biblical? Is it God-honoring? Is it aimed at redemption? If the answer to any of these questions is no, silence should win the day.

Other times we may have the right thing to say, but need to be very cautious how we say it. The world really does not need to know my opinion. On social media, and in conversation, may we be committed to helpful discourse for the common good.


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